Input URL:

Paste a list of URL’s to crawl and press start.

[Default settings are to check if the host is valid via DNS and that the URI is valid (contains only valid characters).]



Project Tab:

Once URL inputs have been validated the right pane will begin to be populated with scan results from each URL.

Top Pane contains the URL that was scanned as well as the local directory the data is stored at.

Bottom Pane contains all the files pulled down for that site.

Note:  If the URL contains characters not allowed by the filesystem it will be replaced with a pound sign #.




Quick search for common file types of interest.  Results will be displayed in bottom pane.




Picture (View)






VirusTotal is the only malware scanner at the moment, in order to use you will have to register

and insert the API key under settings.  Output from VT will be one of two ways, MD5 Match or Upload.

With a MD5 Match the next item will be a percent of malware scanners that found the executable

malicious, followed by a link to the report.  Uploads require checking back with the provided URL link

to see if malware was detected.

Note: Only executable file types get processed by AntiVirus, all other binary types are ignored.


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